Kensley Laruen Greuter

Kensley’s jewelry collection is an interpretation of her passion for finding the timeless beauty in nature that is often overlooked. Growing up with artists in the family, she took the road less traveled and became a wildlife biologist, now spending most of her time immersed in the breathing woodlands and limestone falls of central Texas. Finally succumbing to the artist within in 2004, she found she had another passion—working with sculptural ceramics and pottery. She transitioned to Precious Metal Clay, a moldable fine silver medium, after realizing she could never find one-of-a-kind jewelry that represented a fresh awareness of the natural world.

Based out of Austin, Kensley handcrafts fine (99.9% pure) silver pieces and works with semi-precious stones and vintage jewelry to create designs that reflect her obsession with all things river and woodland. She finds inspiration in blooming laurel trees, simple twigs, turning leaves, soaring birds, creekside grottos, quirky bark and other earthy secrets, which are delicately woven into her designs.

Her jewelry is also a unique way to reflect one’s own conscious effort to remember and protect the earth. A portion of her proceeds goes to benefit The Nature Conservancy, an advocacy group that helps to protect local ecosystems and the sensitive species that inhabit them.